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Tug O’ War, 2012, dimensions variable, paper and found objects. Commissioned by the Carnegie Mellon College of Art and Architecture, Pittsburgh, PA. Copyright: Striped Canary. Photo Credit: Striped Canary. This work was a continuation of our series of “drawings” and one of the more whimsical pieces we’ve ever made. Paper was twisted and knotted together to make a series of ropes that stretched out into the classrooms and grabbed the loose furniture (yes, that’s classroom furniture at the center of that giant ball). From that single point, each line suspended across the NeoClassical building and connected to some point of the building almost 150’ away. In this sense, the work also became about the structural properties of the paper. Originally the “ball” was in the middle of the platform, but in a spontaneous burst, the weight of the suspended paper made the ball lurch across the platform and wedge against stone railing (where it stayed for the duration of the work).